Collective Healing


Guided Group Cleanses

Cleansing your body is a very sacred process towards physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

The Nourished Well-Being signature cleanses are hands-on, guided and extremely transformative.

Each cleanse is initiated with a one-on-one private consultation where we discuss and adjust the cleanse to your own individual needs before jumping into a support group in support of your healing journey.

You are supported by our Nourished Well-Being practitioners throughout each cleanse to assure a safe and successful transformation.


Holistic Wellness Talks

Nourished Well-Being delves into the Microbiome as your gateway to wellness and the magic of fermented foods and how they can be used to restore your health.

As we learn more about our bodies and the role bacteria play in our overall health, we find we are facing a crisis. Digestive disorders such as Constipation, Crohn’s, IBD, and ulcerative colitis are at an all-time high with no sign of slowing down. Dr. Mel explores answers to the question: What is the cause of this major decline in gut health and overall wellness worldwide and shares new knowledge and offers insightful “Food for Thought”.

Other Wellness Topics Include:

Gut Health and the Microbiome | Hormone Health and Healthy Weight Loss | Immunity | Cancer Prevention | Chronic Illnesses and Dreaded Diseases | Nutrition for Healing


Holistic Wellness Workshops

Holistic Health Practitioner and Transformational Nutritionist Melody Fourie explains the role the human microbiome plays in our overall wellness and how the overuse of antibiotics, elevated stress levels and unhealthy eating patterns have led us down a path of compromised immunity.

Through her practice of natural medicine, Melody explains the importance of finding the root of disease and learning to treat the cause instead of just the symptoms. In these workshops you will learn how to heal your gut microbiome and retrain your body to understand the process of replicating health throughout your entire system. This includes an interactive “Food as Medicine” demonstration and fermented foods tasting.


Events Guest Speaker

“Melody Fourie is a fountain of knowledge and embodies an educational role in the healing arts, captivating her audience with the way she combines topic appropriate knowledge into a story while taking you on an incredible body, mind and spirit healing journey.”

Bring Holistic Wellness Speaker Melody Fourie to your next in-person or online event.