"When you have the opportunity to serve something larger than your individual self, you are like a petal on a flower, offering your particular brand of beauty and charisma in the service of a centralising force: a person with a higher vision, a community with a common goal, or a spiritual path. Like the parts of a flower, we are all here working together to create and be creative. Whether we are the centre or the petal, it helps to be conscious of the seeds we are sowing in the world, as this is how we forge the future."

Our Grounds

Our Grounds was founded in 2021 and is a proudly South African community eco-system focusing on education, mentorship and service and embodies a collaboration of divinely guided designers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, doctors, researchers, wellness practitioners who have come together in a spirit of service and discovery for the education and advancement of humanity.

Inspired by the “gifts” of Mother Nature we intend to expand the everyday use of botanical, herbal and natural medicines in South Africa and the borders beyond and our transformational wellness retreats offer an experience where human BEings are invited to awaken their consciousness and enter the realms of authentic and deep healing for the greater good of all beings.

Natural Healing Knysna

Established since 2015, Natural Healing is a family practice in Knysna South Africa and embodies the principal of treating and healing any kind of disease or illness, the natural way.

Our products are made of the finest quality organic herbs, which are 100% safe and healthy, for the body. We also blend and manufacture patient-specific natural medicines, to assist each of our patients in their unique road to recovery.

We do not rely on ‘brand names’ and we prefer natural organic herbs and ingredients – chemically free. In the words of the great Hippocrates: ‘first do no harm’. Food for thought, body, mind, and soul: ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’…

Gateway to Wellness

Established since 2019, Gateway to Wellness is a collaboration of carefully selected wellness practitioners, working together to offer you holistic services and products to address your imbalances and support you in finding your bliss.

The Healthy Hormone Club

Our vision for The Healthy Hormone Club is that all women learn to understand their menstrual cycle and bodies in such a way that they reconnect to the wisdom of their menstrual cycles.

We provide women’s health services including online and in-person courses, workshops and consultations aimed to educate and empower women to use nutrition to support a healthy menstrual cycle. Our three main principals for hormonal support are cycle focused nutrition, cycle wisdom awareness and moon sister circle.

Vida Heal

Vida Heal is manufactured by Natural Healing and offers a diversity of botanical and natural products for the treatment and support of various chronic illnesses and disorders. Vida Heal embodies the ethos of bringing natural and affordable medicine to everyone seeking a more natural and sustainable way to heal the self.

Gut fix SeMosis

Gut Fix Semosis is our exiting enzyme rich, probiotic ferment – Coming Soon! 

Magic Mouth

Magic Mouth is a 100% organic mouth wash, made from pure Essential oils, Himalayan salt and Ozonated water. Free from the “nasty stuff”, Magic Mouth does not contain alcohol, chlorine dioxide, chlorhexidine, cocamidopropyl betaine, parabens, poloxamer 407, formaldehyde, saccharin in support of your health preservation. Magic Mouth is also contained in 70% recycled glass supporting an eco-friendly consciousness. Gut Fix Semosis is our exiting enzyme rich, probiotic ferment – Coming Soon!