Medicine Steeped in Science, Nature & the Divine..

The true art of healing consists in wisely combining all available knowledge, and using only what is most natural and organic.

My name is Melody Fourie and I am an AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Transformational Nutritionist & Holistic Cancer Specialist. A passionate wellness blogger, educator & motivational speaker practicing Living-Foods Functional Nutrition to people around the globe.

I am a humanitarian and volunteer DNM in service to several Non Profit Organisations.

My Story

Like many alternative healers, my road to understanding the power of nutrition began with a personal illness and in my determination to understand the mechanisms that lead to my own chronic disease, I joined the International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health Science, a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Botanical Medicine. I later continued my studies to incorporate a Master of Natural Medicine, a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine and continue my research venture towards my PhD in Natural Medicine.

During my studies I began diligently researching the powers of nutrition and truly believe that each person has the unique capability to heal, thrive and find levels of vitality never thought possible.

How I Guide You..

I focus on facilitating an understanding of how and why the body reacts as it does in order to help you, my client to understand and discern the aptitude that you have to unlock your healing potential using the wisdom and keys that nutrition therapy can provide.

I show you how to heal your gut, balance your hormones and lose unwanted weight naturally using plant-based and sugar-free nutrition plans and lifestyle design so you can take back control of your wellness and life.

I am here to guide and teach you how to eat for “your life”, the “rest of your life” so you can regain your energy and self-confidence to refocus on yourself and create a way of life that nourishes your body, mind and spirit daily.

Take charge of your health. Take charge of how you feel. Take charge of what you do and ultimately, how you LIVE.